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Miles Paralysis – Miles Paralysis (2018)


1. Take Care Of You
2. Boring
3. Open The City
4. Volcano
5. Grown And Faded
6. Found Away
7. Dream Accelerator
8. Nothing
9. We All Get A Believer
10. In The Mirror
11. Paper Route

Label: Miles Paralysis

Length: 25’ 36’’

Alex Litinsky (drums, guitars, vocals, synth, piano, glockenspiel, percussion) ● Jon Markson (bass, guitars, vocals, synth, piano, percussion, electronics) ● Featuring: Sam Palumbo (guitar and addtional vocals on “Volcano”) ● Liz Delise (additional vocals) ● Catherine Litinsky (additional vocals on “Boring”) ● Godfrey Furchtgott (violin, viola)

No need to read the review, just listen to the 75 seconds of Take Care of You, opening the debut of the duo formed by Canadian math rocker Alex Litinsky (A. M. Overcast) and New Yorker Jon Markson (bass and vocals for the punk band Such Gold): just one minute and a little more, but it is a perfect miniature, a song where the rhythmic edges are smoothed by the emocore melodies, and the structure includes everything you need – riffs, verses, refrains and changes, a seemingly conventional construction, actually made out all of anomalies. It is not just the technical finesse of those who are capable of managing complexities – within the eleven tracks of the compact tracklist you perceive the touch of someone who knows how to transform into “apparent pop” all the pure genius spent in writing: the almost-serene Jawbox in Volcano, with the refrain that does not return and then forces you to listen again, In the Mirror that has within the contrasts of the best Mission of Burma, the rousing 100 seconds of We All Get a Believer making you you sing together with the band.

The 25 minutes flow fast, but without frenzy, with the direct sounds of the guitars softened here and there by choirs and scattered notes of bows, echoing the Washington D.C. scene – Smart Went Crazy and J Robbins – but also Pinback: and in the end we should mention all eleven songs, from the first song already reported to the final game of prestige with the math that becomes power in Paper Route – with the rhythmic intertwining simulating a nonexistent simplicity.

MILES PARALYSIS has its strength in synthesis, and captures attention by cutting off all dead time: as they sing in Volcano: “time runs away, when you’re not paying attention”.


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